2017 Total Eclipse


2017 Eclipse

Image courtesy eclipse2017.org

People from across the planet are expected to converge along a narrow path to glimpse a total solar eclipse – the first in 26 years.


On August 21, 2017, the show will begin in Oregon and make its way southeastward across the continental United States, eventually moving past South Carolina into the Atlantic Ocean. Those watching will see the moon completely cover up the Sun in one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. If you are in the shadow of the moon as it goes between the Earth and the Sun, you will see the eclipse.

Entering the state of Tennessee, Chattanooga is not in the path, and neither is Knoxville! Dayton TN is just south of the centerline and should experience more than two minutes of the full eclipse beginning at 2:31 pm Eastern. You don’t HAVE to be in Dayton to view it, but it will last longer if you are as close as possible to the centerline since we are talking about a spherical shadow.

It is important to not view the eclipse without viewing glasses that provide protection from harmful solar radiation and allow for direct solar viewing.

Watch this space for our plans to celebrate the Eclipse and give Bluewater guests access to this greatly anticipated sight.


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