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Bluewater: Your Tennessee Summer Vacation Destination

For families looking for Tennessee Summer Vacation Destinations, this summer should offer fun like never before at Bluewater – and with a special promotion going on right now, it can also save money like never before!

4 Reasons Why Bluewater is the Best Choice for Lake Chickamauga Lodging this Summer

Your family’s vacation is a reward you give yourself for working hard all year, so you want the best combination of value, proximity to fun things to do and amenities that add to the quality of your experience when choosing Lake Chickamauga Lodging.

General Store Renovations Revealed at our TN Marina and RV Campground

We're excited to reveal the renovations we've been hard at work making on the General Store adjoining our TN Marina and RV Campground. The official opening is March 1st. We encourage our guests to stop by the store for a bite to eat... or some bait for the fish to...

Three Reasons to Make Bluewater Your Winter Lodge Resort Getaway

You can be tempted to believe that Bluewater is only good to visit during warmer months, but you’d be wrong. In fact, wintertime can be a great occasion to stay on the water and save money while doing it! Here are 3 reasons to make Bluewater your winter Lodge resort...

Stay Warm and Toasty at our Hotel Accommodation

To make it nice and warm this fall and winter, we have installed enclosures to trap the heat generated inside the new Pavilion, which was constructed as an open-air structure next to the new swimming pool earlier this year. Now it stands ready to host your events and holiday parties with everyone inside feeling comfortable.

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