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Lake Chickamauga fishing conditions

Dayton TN Fishing Conditions

Weekly Fishing Report for LAKE CHICKAMAUGA


Bass are being caught on 5-12 foot shellbeds and points on the main channel. The underwater islands throughout the lake have great ledges and the current breaks when the water runs through the dams. The bass tighten up on these places. Big crankbaits, big spoons, big swimbaits, and hairjigs are a great way to fire these schools.

If they seem hard to get going, use finesse techniques such as drop shots and standup shakeyheads. Smaller spoons and hairjigs may work as well. Use your electronics to see these schools and don’t be surprised as some of them will be less than 10 feet deep and others as deep as 30.

The 3.5 DriftwoodCustomBaits Swimbait can be deadly on a heavy swimbait hook.

Grass bass are starting to play a big roll as well. You can see the taller scattered grass beds and sometimes they look like little islands on your depth finder, which serve as great current breaks.

Bass are edge-oriented creatures so if you find a hard grass edge that is very steep, like a wall, you can guarantee bass are in the area.

A variety of baits will work: from a wacky worm to a 12-15 inch worm.

As always look for things that are different in the structure and the grass beds: such as high spots or depressions, and steep edges.

Electronics are key in summer- pay attention to change and look for the baitfish.

If you like our weekly fishing report, you can tune in live with Billy Wheat every Saturday morning from 7-8 am during the “Set the Hook” radio program with Pat Rose on ESPN 105.1 The Zone in Chattanooga.



Benefit from the Insight of Bluewater’s Resident Fishing Guide

dayton tn fishing guide Billy Joe WheatDid you know Bluewater Resort & Marina has a fishing guide available here in Dayton to help our guests improve their experience staying on the water?

Captain Billy Joe Wheat, owner of Rip-Rap Fishing Adventure, uses Bluewater to launch excursions on Chickamauga Lake. Rates are $200 for up to 2 people for 4 hours of fishing or $350 for up to 2 people for 8 hours. Rates go up for each additional person after 2, and with follow boats tagging along.

Virtually everyone can benefit from his insight. For some children, he is a valued guide preparing them for tournament action or their first experience fishing. From the casual fisherman to tournament anglers looking for an edge, he can also offer instruction based on his considerable time in these waters. His YouTube page contains several videos where he and guests are reeling in catches under all seasons and weather conditions. Captain Wheat teaches his students how to use electronics and understand the impact of river currents on wildlife.

“The number one goal is for you to learn something new every time you go out with us and have a great time doing it!” he said.

A guided fishing adventure makes a great birthday or holiday gift, and gift certificates are available. To book your guided fishing adventure with Captain Wheat at Bluewater, call (423) 987-2606 or email him at riprapfishingadventures@yahoo.com.